Jurassic Quest

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February 21-23, 2020

Berglund Special Events Center

Friday, Feb. 21st  3pm - 8pm
Saturday, Feb. 22nd 9am - 8pm

Sunday, Feb. 23rd 9am - 7pm

Ticket Prices:

(Tickets are sold exclusively via Jurassic Quest. Click the "buy tickets" button to be re-directed to the appropriate site) 

Parking Reminder: 
Parking for the Jurassic Quest event will be $5 cash only at the entrance to the parking lot. No advanced parking passes will be sold due to the nature of the event. 

Parking: $5



Jurassic Quest is Americas Largest and most realistic Dinosaur Event. Our guests will walk through the Cretaceous period, the Jurassic Period and The Triassic period and experience for themselves what it was like to be among the living, breathing dinosaurs.

Jurassic Quest is the only Dinosaur event that has true to life-size dinosaurs. From the very small, to the gigantic, skyscraping dinosaurs that can only be seen at Jurassic Quest events. Jurassic Quest has over 200 true to life-size dinosaurs across its 2 events.

For more information please visit their website: http://www.jurassicquest.com