Liability Insurance

Insurance Requirements
Clients entering into an agreement with the Berglund Center must obtain and provide Insurance. Insurance must be provided by companies that are licensed to offer coverage in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Requirements include the following:
  • Insurance requirements include Commercial General Liability Insurance (coverage includes bodily injury, property damage products liability, personal and contractual liability), Commercial Automobile Liability coverage, and Workers Compensation coverage.
  • The Insurance Certificate must be written to cover the time period from move-in until conclusion of move-out.
  • Insurance must include the following text in the Special Provisions area of the Certificate:
    "The Berglund Center, Global Spectrum LP, the City of Roanoke, the Berglund Center Commission (formerly the Roanoke Civic Center Commission), their officers, agents, employees, and volunteers shall be named as additional insureds as their interests may appear."
  • All Insurance Certificates must be provided to the Berglund Center no less than 30-days prior to the start of the event.
  • Certificate holder should be listed as:
    BerglundCivic Center
    710 Williamson Road NE
    Roanoke, VA 24016
  • Final details regarding Insurance Coverage will be included in the signed License Agreement.