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1. What time do the doors open?
2. Can I bring my camera / take pictures?
3. What are the box office hours?
4. Do you have wheelchairs that I can use?
5. At what age can a child get in free?
6. Do I have to pay to park at the Berglund Center?
7. How much is a parking pass?
8. Where can I park if I choose not to purchase a parking pass?
9. Will handicap parking still be available?
10. How often does the parking shuttle run when it's running?
11. Is the auditorium the same as the coliseum?
12. Why are there different ticket prices for events?
13. Are your buildings handicapped-accessible? Where is the handicapped parking?
14. Do you offer public skating? If so, how much does it cost? Can I rent skates there or do I have to bring my own?
15. Am I allowed to bring my own food and beverage in for an event?
16. Are group ticket rates available?
17. Are there any ATM's at the Berglund Center?
18. Are there handicapped seating areas in your buildings?
19. Are credit cards accepted at the concession stands?
20. Do the Berglund Center facilities recycle?
21. Are there any hotels within walking distance to the Berglund Center?