Scheduling Priorities

Scheduling Policies by Priority
Facility and date scheduling commitments for events and activities made more than 12 months in advance are subject to change. Facility and space commitments for 1st priority events and activities may be made as far in advance as is necessary or appropriate and may supersede requests by 2nd priority events and activities scheduled more than 12 months from the event date.

The Berglund Center reserves the right to block dates to allow sufficient time to schedule 1st priority events. 2nd priority events which do not have a fully executed license agreement may be bumped by 1st priority events at any time.

Managerial Discretion
In all cases, the Berglund Center management may use discretion in maintaining a waiting period before and after an existing event which is considered to be competing for the same audience and/or ticket buyers (i.e., concerts, ice shows, sporting events, circuses, boat shows, craft shows, etc.).

Furthermore, the Berglund Center management may limit the number of competing activities presented during a given 12-month period. During the months of October through April (ice season), no more than 1 consumer show of the same type will be permitted in the Coliseum.